Scott Adams: Kanye West Praising Trump-Supporter Candace Owens ‘Ripped a Hole in Reality’


Dilbert creator Scott Adams said Kanye West’s praise of conservative commentator Candace Owens “ripped a hole in reality,” in a live Periscope stream on Sunday, prompting the Grammy-winner to share the video on his own Twitter account.

“It feels like there’s something big happening, and I feel a framework to see this big happening stuff is that people are breaking out of what I call their mental prisons,” Adams said in the first of what was a series of videos West shared with his millions of Twitter followers. “That people are realizing there’s things that used to hold us back, that used to limit what we could do and, you know, and what our danger was and what our opportunity was, that much of these were psychological So we humans have developed a number of prisons of the mind, things that we just imagine to be limitations or imagine to be true, and it limits what we think is possible and it limits what choices we make… One is the false belief that history repeats. It doesn’t. It never does. It just looks like it because we have this pattern recognition brain, so anytime we see this thing that reminds us of another thing, we say well there it is, history repeating itself again… But that’s not what’s happening.”

“History can’t repeat, because all the variables are changing all the time, so you can’t ever have the same starting point you ever had in history. History never repeats, ever. If you think it does, you’re in the mental prison,” Adams continued.

“Do you know what happens if you think that history doesn’t repeat? Then you can become President of the United States without ever being a politician. If you believe that history repeats, you don’t even try,” Adams continued, before adding that Kanye is “somebody who has strong credentials for being an advocate for African-Americans and against racism, so Kanye has good credentials from that point of view.”

“What did he tweet? He tweeted, ‘I like the way Candace Owens thinks.’ Seven words, and he ripped a hole in reality. With seven words. Because Kanye is supposed to be over here, and Candace is supposed to be over here, and they’re not ever supposed to say the other one said something right. Right? That’s not supposed to happen. But Kanye did it anyway,” Adams explained. “Kanye knows history doesn’t repeat, he’s not a prisoner of the mind, he knows that the problem is not the solution. Whatever you want to say about Kanye and his politics, I don’t even know what his preferred politics would be, I’m not even sure what party he would run for if he ran for president at this point. But whatever else you want to say about him, and I don’t know enough about his actual management skills, or political ability, but he did something that you could rarely see. He actually just altered reality.” – READ  MORE

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