SCIENCE: You should be eating pizza instead of cereal for breakfast


If you are debating on whether to have a bowl of cereal for breakfast or the leftover pizza from the night before, you’re better off eating that pizza.

“You may be surprised to find out that an average slice of pizza and a bowl of cereal with whole milk contain nearly the same amount of calories,” Chelsea Amer, a registered dietitian told The Daily Meal.“However, pizza packs a much larger protein punch, which will keep you full and boost satiety throughout the morning.”

She does, however, draw the line at calling pizza a “healthy food,” but does say that, when compared to cereal, it’s probably a better option.

Cereal lacks important, key elements people need to start their day, including protein and healthy fats. Amer said, compared to that, pizza is a much more balanced meal. – READ MORE

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