School threatens gun control walkout protesters with a prom ban until the ACLU steps in


According to KCBS, principal Gerardo Llamas of South Gate High School said that students who walked out of school Friday would not be allowed to go to their prom on Saturday.

“If we were involved or we walked out tomorrow, we wouldn’t be allowed to go into our prom,” student Rachel Iribe said. “I would be walking out, regardless.”

The ACLU sent a letter to principal Llamas warning him that the school should not excessively punish students for participating in the protest: “School officials may not punish a student’s decision to have an unapproved absence to engage in political activity more harshly than a student’s decision to cut class to hang out with his or her friends. Please immediately stop making these threats.”

Apparently, the pressure had some impact. Llamas sent a recorded phone message to parents and students late Thursday to let them know there would be no punishment for the walkout.- READ MORE

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