Schiff previews new line of attack against Trump: Deutsche Bank ‘laundered Russian money’ (VIDEO)


California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, the incoming House Intelligence Committee Chairman, charged Sunday that President Trump’s financial records with Deutsche Bank and Russia might reveal a “form of compromise” that “needs to be exposed.”

Days after he told The New Yorker that Deutsche Bank was an “obvious place to start” when he begins making records demands next month, Schiff suggested that there had to be some reason that the German banking giant was willing to work with the Trump Organization.

“The concern about Deutsche Bank is they have a history of laundering Russian money,” Schiff said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

He continued: “They paid hundreds of millions of dollars in fines to the state of New York, because they were laundering Russian money. And this apparently is the one bank that was willing to do business with the Trump Organization. Now is that a coincidence?”

Last month, the Frankfurt-based lender was raided as part of a lengthy money laundering probe related to the Panama Papers disclosures, the reveal of millions of documents that exposed how the world’s wealthiest politicians and business leaders hide their money. – READ MORE


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