Scarborough Says Biden Will ‘See ISIS Burning People In Cages’ If He Pulls Troops Out Of Afghanistan


MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said Monday that President Joe Biden will “see ISIS burning people in cages” if the president pulls troops out of Afghanistan.

“Joe Biden has been very skeptical about our presence in Afghanistan, but does he want to look up on the TV set a year from now and see ISIS burning people in cages, like they did when we left Iraq?” Scarborough said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

“Does he want to see the Taliban going through the streets and cutting off the heads of young girls who dared to go to school? Because those scenes will unfold on TV sets and just like in Iraq … we’re gonna be forced to send troops back there,” Scarobourgh said.

Biden said March 25 during his first solo-press conference as president that it will be challenging to withdraw all the troops from Afghanistan by May 1.

The president said he didn’t expect U.S. soldiers to be in Afghanistan in 2022. “I can’t picture that being the case,” the president said.

Former President Donald Trump agreed to pull out all U.S. forces out of Afghanistan in his 2020 peace agreement with the Taliban, and set May 1 as the goal for withdrawal. The U.S. agreed on the condition that the Taliban maintained their promises to contain terrorism.

Scarborough said the U.S. rebuilding Afghanistan isn’t possible.

“It can’t be rebuilt. Only thing we can do is stop this power void, this void of power from causing mass chaos to spread across that country,” Scarborough said. “So the question is, at the end of the day, does Joe Biden take the risk of having a repeat in Afghanistan that he saw happen in Iraq?”

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