SAY WHAT? Professors Give The Left New Excuse For Why Hillary Lost: Jon Stewart


Two professors have written a study purporting to show that “The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart’s retirement hurt Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, The New York Post reported.

“The transition at ‘The Daily Show’ spurred a 1.1% increase in Trump’s county-level vote share,” researchers Ethan Porter of George Washington University and Thomas J. Wood of Ohio State University wrote.

Neither Porter nor Wood, who are each assistant professors at their respective universities, responded to a Daily Wire inquiry regarding their study.

As Kyle Smith wrote at The New York Post, “spurred” is a strong word to use when “coincided with” is more likely the case. If Stewart did have such an effect, which the authors note was “not large,” according to Fast Company, it could have cost Clinton the election because Trump only won Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin by 1% or less. – READ MORE

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