SAUDI SLUMBER PARTY: Prince Alwaleed and Arrested Pals Sleep on Ritz-Carlton Marble Floors? (PHOTOS)


Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is really roughing it in Ritz-Carlton prison. Marble floors, leather couches, and a Presidential Suite fit for a king.

Or at least a Prince. Or several Princes.

Yes. It is true. They have converted the Ritz-Carlton into a “prison.”

If you thought Alwaleed was doing hard time since his arrest last week, swinging a hammer in the royal chain gang, think again. He’s apparently holed up in a plush suite at the Ritz Carlton which has been closed down to all guests.

At least that is according to several images making rounds on the internet the last few days. It is hard to know exactly what is happening inside the Ritz Carlton prison set up for the Saudi royals.

Another image published show many sleeping in a Ritz ballroom, via the Daily Mail:

The photo was leaked to from sources within the Saudi government.

Room service anyone?

Can the good prince get some more towels in his suite?

Other photos gleamed from Arabic Twitter accounts which were circulating Friday include these:


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