Sarah Sanders Unloads on White House Press Corps: Americans ‘Don’t Care’ About the Stories You Cover (VIDEO)


If there’s one trait White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has become known for, it’s her frequent contempt for the relatively poor example of America’s fourth estate she gets to meet with on certain weekdays. Apparently, this is perceived as a bug by some members of the mainstream media. I personally view it as a feature — a particularly wonderful feature.

After yet another question about President Donald Trump’s Twitter habits (nobody’s everasked those!) at a White House news conference Monday, Sanders was her usual epigrammatical self, noting that the media chooses to write about things Americans “don’t care about.”

“Has anyone in this administration ever asked the president — last week, you had, on your agenda — you had an agenda where you have more jobs coming out — I mean, lower unemployment coming, and you also had — the Second Chance Act, I think it was,” one reporter asked.

“And instead of those, we had to respond to presidential tweets. Has anybody ever in this administration asked him to back away from Twitter just for a day?”  – READ MORE

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