Sanders Campaign Gets Physical With Press: ‘Do Not Put Your Hands On Me’


According to the Washington Examiner‘s Joseph Simonson, a campaign staffer for the democratic socialist was involved in a “confrontation” with reporters during a press event hosted by the Des Moines Register following Sanders stump speech at the Iowa State Fair on Sunday.

“The confrontation erupted after members of the campaign relentlessly pushed the local journalists to make room for Sanders as he made his way to various attractions at the fair on Sunday,” Simonson reports. ” … Security for the event, as well as members of Sanders’ campaign, repeatedly grabbed and shoved members of the press. One staffer for the Des Moines Register pushed a gate into a reporter for the Washington Examiner after telling him that ‘not all press’ would be allowed to follow Sanders around.”

Simonson describes the pool of reporters as having “erupted in chaos” over the staffer’s alleged overly aggressive handling of the press, particularly one female photographer who he reports was pushed “many times.”

“Do not put your hands on me,” the photographer said. “You keep pushing me.”

Simonson notes that the incident was significant enough that one of the other reporters felt compelled to make sure the female photographer was okay. Several journalists complained in the press office about the campaign’s treatment of the press, he reports. – READ MORE

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