San Francisco Mayor Defends Nancy Pelosi Defying COVID Orders: She’s Fighting ‘Dictator,’ ‘Terrorist’ Trump


San Francisco Mayor London Breed, who has been adamant about enforcing coronavirus-related regulations on residents of her city, excused Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) decision to flout the city’s lockdown restrictions to get a blowout at a salon by attacking President Donald Trump, calling the president a “dictator” and a “terrorist.”

When asked about Pelosi’s foray to the shuttered ESalonSF last week for a private hair appointment — an incident that was caught on tape, with the video showing Pelosi walking around the salon without a mask, despite the city’s requirement that masks be worn in businesses  — Breed would only opine on Trump, seemingly suggesting that Pelosi deserved the break because she’s a prominent opponent of the president.

“We have a terrorist, we have a dictator who is running this country and Nancy Pelosi is at the forefront fighting against this person every day, you know, and I’m not trying to excuse what happened,” Breed said, according to San Francisco’s ABC affiliate. “I’m just saying that to allow an issue like this to turn our city upside down when we got folks who are homeless, we’ve got people who can’t open their business, including these salons. I understand.”

Members of the media then asked Breed why the Speaker chose to blame the salon for the incident, insisting that the owner set her up, rather than simply apologize for breaking regulations. – READ MORE

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