San Fran artist paints mural of Greta Thunberg using spray said to be ‘notorious’ for causing global warming


The city of San Francisco can now add another problem to its growing list of issues: Environmental waste from a mural of climate activist Greta Thunberg.

According to the Associated Press, Argentine artist Andres Iglesias, also known by his pseudonym Cobre, has painted a giant mural of the 16-year-old Nobel Peace Prize nominee in Union Square. Iglesias told KPIX-TV he created the mural because he wants people “to realize have to do something for the world. Otherwise, it’s going to be the beginning of our extinction.”

However, as a video of the project shows, Iglesias is using aerosol spray paint cans for the Thunberg mural, which environmentalists say emit volatile organic compounds that contribute to global warming.

While it is unclear how many spray cans Iglesias has used, the mural spans four stories and at least one smaller project utilized 500 cans of the paint scientists say can generate asthma-inducing smog. To create the mural of the teenage climate activist, the artist used a respirator that is said to protect painters subjected to noxious fumes. – READ MORE

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