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Salon Frets That History Channel’s ‘Vikings’ Will Be Co-Opted by White Supremacists


Vikings is the hugely popular drama based on the lives of a band of plunderers in Scandinavia who kill, steal and worship Odin. The author begins the article as a preview from the upcoming season, before devolving into a piece of 2016 post election anxiety.

Lurking in the back of my mind right now is the knowledge that these stories are part of a culture and religion that’s been co-opted by racists. Christianity is still the primary religion of white nationalists, but Viking mythology is playing an increasingly prominent role in supremacy movements, much to the distress of nonracist modern worshipers of those deities.

Uh oh. The author links to a six year old article showing that white supremacists have a hankering for Odinism, the pagan religion of Norse mythology. So should we ban the show now, or just curl into fetal position and cry for the takeover of our favorite historical drama?  – READ MORE

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