Rush Limbaugh: Trump would ‘overshadow’ any Democrat on debate stage


President Trump has an unbreakable bond with his supporters and his presence would overshadow any Democratic contender in a debate, according to Rush Limbaugh.


“This is what people don’t understand about Donald Trump,” Limbaugh added. “The man touches everybody’s hearts — talking about greatness, talking about inspiration, aspirational living, being ‘great.’Video

“He’s got a bond with his voters that nobody can break. He’s got a bond that innate — not everybody can create this bond.”

Referring to the current slate of 2020 Democratic contenders, Limbaugh explained why he believes Trump would outshine them on the stage.

“There’s not one person on that Democrat stage the last two nights that can even be onstage with Trump and not be overshadowed simply by his presence before he even opens his mouth,” Limbaugh claimed. – READ MORE

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