Rudy Giuliani: Jeffrey Epstein death ‘completely incredible’


Speaking with intimate knowledge of the lockup where Jeffrey Epstein was held, ex-New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani says he considers the financier’s death perplexing.

Giuliani said Tuesday on “The Ingraham Angle” he knew the setup of the floor the convicted sex offender was held on and had been inside the facility at least 20 times in his former roles as a prosecutor and defense attorney.

“I don’t like conspiracy theories,” Giuliani told guest host Jesse Watters. “I don’t think we should engage in them yet because we need to know the facts, but the whole thing is completely incredible to me.”

Giuliani said Epstein, whose private island, Little Saint James, U.S.V.I., was recently raided by federal agents, was the, “most high-risk prisoner in that facility” and should have been better monitored.

“I’ve been in probably 20 times as a prosecutor and a defense lawyer,” he recalled. “I watched it being built.”

“He was virtually unprotected,” the personal attorney to President Trump added. – READ MORE

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