Roy Moore declines to debate Dem opponent


Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore (R) has turned down an opportunity to debate his opponent, Doug Jones (D), because the differences between the two candidates are “crystal clear,” according to Moore’s campaign.

“While we appreciate the invitation from WHNT, the differences between the two candidates are crystal clear,” Moore’s campaign chairman, Bill Armistead, said in a statement to WHNT-TV in northern Alabama.

The CBS affiliate said on Wednesday that Moore’s campaign had declined to debate Jones, adding that the station would have allowed both campaigns to agree on a preferred format and offered six potential dates between Nov. 27 and Dec. 7.

“We at WHNT News 19 believe that public debates give voters a chance to carefully consider who represents them. A seat in the US Senate comes with immense power. It should also come with immense accountability,” the affiliate’s chief digital journalist, David Kumbroch, said.

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