Rose McGowan: Matt Lauer Kept Me From Speaking About Weinstein On NBC


Harvey Weinstein accuser Rose McGowan blew the doors wide open on a few behemoths in a shockingly honest interview on Wednesday.

First, McGowan blasted former President Obama for failing to condemn Weinstein as accusations of sexual abuse surfaced last year. She also took a swipe at Matt Lauer and upper NBC management, who claimed they had no idea about Lauer’s long history of workplace sexual misconduct. When NBC invited her to speak about her alleged abuse by Weinstein on the “TODAY” show last year, McGowan scoffed at the idea.

“I did not want my rape spoken about over breakfast cereal on the ‘Today’ show,” McGowan revealed to The Hollywood Reporter. “I’d heard about Matt Lauer. You can’t tell me the people at the top of NBC aren’t aware. Come on.”

So instead of taking her story to NBC, McGowan spoke to The New York Times about the incident. – READ MORE

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