Ronan Farrow Warns Innocent Men Could Become ‘Casualties’ Of #MeToo Movement


On Wednesday, Ronan Farrow, who was instrumental in breaking the story of the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse scandal, told a group of veteran journalists that he was concerned innocent men could become “casualties” of false sexual assault allegations, adding that the #MeToo movement could create a “risk of the pendulum swinging too far.”

Speaking at a lunch for the Silurian Society at the National Arts Club in New York, Farrow was asked if the movement to uncover sexual harassers had “gone too far” by targeting Leonard Lopate, a host of New York public radio station WNYC, who was suspended for allegedly inappropriate behavior.

Lopate had protested that in his 30 years with the station, the only inappropriate behavior he could recall was to use the word “testicle” in a colleague’s presence.

Farrow commented, “In principle, absolutely that’s a risk we should be conscious of. My feeling is there were decades of silence on this issue and we are now witnessing a moment of white-hot anguish as all of that pours out into the public space. And of course there will be casualties in the process in terms of the caution with which we proceed with each and every allegation that’s emerging.” – READ MORE

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