Ron Perlman: Trump a ‘Cardboard Cutout Piece of Sh*tf*ck’


Actor Ron Perlman Has Again Unleashed His Hatred Towards President Donald Trump, Describing Him As A “cardboard Cutout Piece Of Shitfuck.”

In an interview with The Daily Beast, the former Sons of Anarchy star was asked whether he would ever consider playing the role of Trump in a film.

“Fuck no,” Perlman responded. “Not interested in one-dimensional people who have no redeeming value and nothing that is psychologically compelling.”

“I’ve played serial killers and real bad guys, and there is always some sort of a psychological gap there,” he continued. “Trump doesn’t possess any of them. He’s just a cardboard cutout piece of shitfuck. There’s nothing there to explore. He’s one-dimensional, and he’s not clever. He’d be very boring to play.” – READ MORE

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