Romney calls Obama, Biden ‘honorable,’ refrains from calling Trump the same


Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, offered kind words to President Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden by calling them “honorable,” but in an awkward exchange refrained to make the same compliment about President Trump.

In a recent interview with Axios, Romney was asked if his 2012 competitor was an “honorable man.”

“I believe he’s an honorable man, yes,” Romney answered. “A good family man and he made a lot of mistakes. Most presidents do.”

“Is Joe Biden an honorable man?” Axios executive editor Mike Allen asked.

“You know, I don’t know Joe Biden terribly well, but from everything I’ve seen and the interactions I’ve had with him, he seems to me like a man of honor,” Romney responded.

Allen then posed the same question about Trump, which drew some criticism from the Utah senator.

“I knew where you were going, but I’m not going to let you catch me in a corner,” Romney said. “He has elements, I’m sure, of honor in his life and there are things that I think are not honorable. And, I mention that because of the payment to a porn star for sexual relations outside of marriage.

“Look, I’m one of those who believes we have a responsibility to be honorable and faithful to our wives and the president made a failing in that regard.” – READ MORE

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