Roger Stone Says Trump Should Pardon Assange — It Could Destroy the Mueller Probe (VIDEO)


Roger Stone spoke to The Political Insider about the recent claims by the Mueller probe that Stone colluded with Russia — and also talked about the Trump 2020 presidential campaign, possible indictments of Trump-linked individuals, and the Russian collusion hoax.

The last time Stone joined The Political Insider, he suggested that Robert Mueller might have his sights set on the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr.

Stone revealed that while he doesn’t have insight into Trump’s next potential pardon, Stone himself is advocating for a pardon of Assange for his role in shining a spotlight on corrupt Clinton dealings.

Stone believes Assange should be honored for being an independent voice who speaks truth to power. But, there’s an aspect to an Assange pardon that Stone did not mention.

Pardoning Assange for any crime related to election hacking would automatically mean the Russian probe ends. Mueller’s entire basis for possible Trump-Russia collusion is WikiLeaks and the publication of stolen Democrat emails that were reportedly filched by the Russian government and then published in cahoots with Assange. That some Trump associates had knowledge of this and passed it along to Trump (a bold claim that has not yet been proven) is the whole reasoning for this ongoing farce. –  READ MORE

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