Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev Is Reportedly Hiding From Angry Client Mobs In A Hotel Somewhere


Ahead of his testimony in front of congress, Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev is reportedly in hiding from angry client mobs, living out of a hotel in an undisclosed location.

Tenev has received threats on his life and is just biding his time waiting to speak with U.S. lawmakers this week, the report notes. He has avoided going home since the incident took place, due threats on his life, one source told Bloomberg.

Forgive us for being curt, but at this point, we have seen enough of Tenev “playing dumb” over the last couple weeks to wonder whether or not this story is based in truth or is clever PR spin to try and draw out some much needed sympathy. But the fact is that our sympathy lies with the retail trader who was trying to stick it to the institution – not the undercapitalized, poorly run institution itself.

Tenev has “been making grim jokes about feeling hated” in private conversations, the report continued.

Tenev is tasked this week with calming the mob that he enraged just weeks ago during the midst of the GameStop trading chaos, where Robinhood limited names that clients were allowed to trade and needed to raise billions in emergency capital to meet liquidity requirements. – READ MORE

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