Robert Mueller files request for another 100 blank subpoenas in Paul Manafort case


Special counsel Robert Mueller on Wednesday filed a request for 100 blank subpoenas in the Eastern District of Virginia, where former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort is facing trial for bank and fraud charges.

This is in addition to a court filing in June, when Mueller’s team filed a request for 150 blank subpoenas, or 75 possible witnesses.

The 100 blank subpoenas amount to 50 total possible subpoenas — in each case, a subpoena is needed for the witness and another is needed for the defense

Court documents filed in April show that Mueller’s team was pushing to subpoena 35 witnesses in the trial. Then in May, court documents showed he had filed 70 blank subpoenas.

A blank subpoena means the party serving the subpoena, in this case the federal government, can fill in the name later, as long as it is done so before the subpoena is served. – READ MORE

It’s often been observed that special counsel Robert Mueller, assigned to investigate alleged Trump-Russia collusion in the 2016 presidential campaign, has yet to charge anyone with a crime involving Trump-Russia collusion in the 2016 presidential campaign.

The biggest of Mueller’s indictments, that of one-time Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, has no connection at all to collusion. And until a few days ago, it appeared to have no connection to Donald Trump, either.

Now, though, Mueller has revealed why he believes the Manafort prosecution is related to the 2016 Trump campaign. It’s a small part, a very small part, of the overall charges against Manafort. And it has nothing to do with any actions by the candidate — now the president — himself.

Mueller’s revelation came in an argument he is having with the Manafort defense over what subjects can and cannot be discussed in front of jurors in Manafort’s upcoming trial. (Manafort is charged in both Virginia and the District of Columbia with various counts of bank fraud, tax evasion and failure to register as a representative of foreign interests; the Virginia trial is scheduled to begin later this month.) – READ MORE

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