Rob Reiner: ‘Sick Delusional Criminal F*ck’ Trump About to Get His ‘Ultimate Comeuppance’


Left-wing Film Director Rob Reiner Once Again Unloaded On President Donald Trump, Denouncing Him As A “sick Delusional Criminal Fuck” Who Will Soon Face His “ultimate Comeuppance.”

“Looking forward to seeing how the lying malignant narcissist responds to the avalanche of criminality that will continue to bury him,” Rob Reiner wrote. “Can’t undersell how sweet his ultimate comeuppance will be.”

“Donald Trump is not only a criminal, he’s a delusional criminal,” Reiner continued. “Only a sick fuck could read a legal filing that states he’s committed a federal crime and say he’s been totally cleared. Oh I forgot, the sick delusional criminal fuck can’t read.”-READ MORE

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