Rob Reiner shames President Trump: Says he’s ‘OK if his cult followers in Tulsa die’


Rob Reiner was once best known for being one of the most successful actors and directors in Hollywood. Over the past few years, however, he has become far more infamous for his constant deranged attacks on President Donald Trump and his millions of supporters.

On Tuesday, Reiner launched one of his worst assaults on Trump and his supporters when he outrageously claimed the president is “OK if his cult followers in Tulsa die,” shaming him for choosing to hold a campaign rally in the Oklahoma city.

“Feeling Americans are devastated by the heartbreaking loss of life from the dual viruses of racism and corona,” Reiner tweeted. “Our President, a sociopath, doesn’t care. He’s even ok if his cult followers in Tulsa die. Nov. 3 can’t come soon enough.” – READ MORE

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