Rob Reiner: ‘Breathtaking’ Number of Americans Support This ‘Lying Racist Criminal’


Film director and far-left activist Rob Reiner believes a “breathtaking” number of Americans support the “lying racist criminal” of President Donald Trump.

Posting his rant to Twitter and while never saying the president’s name, Reiner argued that despite his large base of support, Trump supporters still remain in the minority.

“There has always been racism. There has always been ignorance,” the When Harry Met Sally director said. “There have always been people subject to the lure of a cult. The sheer volume of Americans who willingly follow this Lying Racist Criminal is breathtaking. But they are still the minority. We will win.”

It is not the first time that the 72-year-old filmmaker, who takes to Twitter practically every day to rant and rave about Trump and the current administration, has complained about the behavior of his fellow Americans. – READ MORE

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