RNC surpasses $250 million in fundraising for midterms


The Republican National Committee (RNC) has raised more than $250 million this cycle, hitting another fundraising record with less than two months to go until the pivotal midterm elections.

An RNC official told The Hill that the committee will report $16.4 million raised in August, which is the RNC’s largest monthly haul of the cycle. That brings the national party’s total fundraising to $252 million as of Wednesday.

The RNC ends the month of August with nearly $42 million in the bank, surpassing how much the national party had on hand at this point in the 2016 presidential cycle.

“Enthusiasm for President Trump and his successful agenda is fueling our record-breaking fundraising and energizing our grassroots supporters,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel said in a statement to The Hill. – READ MORE


New fundraising numbers show the Republican National Committee (RNC) just raked in twice as much cash as the Democratic National Committee (DNC). RNC Chairwoman, Ronna McDaniel, says Republican success is due, in large part, to President Donald Trump.

The RNC has had a successful run since the president took office, winning eight out of nine special elections and continuing to break fundraising records.

McDaniel joined Fox News’ Lou Dobbs to talk about the success and what it means for the midterms.

[The midterm] is going to be competitive. On the Senate side, I think we’re going to pick up seats, we have great opportunities, like I said, in Florida, North Dakota, Indiana, Missouri, where our candidates are leading right now their Democrat opponents. We have opportunities to pick up seats in the Senate.

On the House side, we know history, Lou. History is against the party that holds the White House. They usually shed about 30 seats, but by having the most robust infrastructure and the largest ground-game we’ve had in the RNC history, we are engaging with these voters. We are sharing with them the results we have from this administration. And we are energizing them, making sure they do not become complacent.READ MORE

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