‘Righter’ Dating Site: Pro-Trump Only, Men Must Pay For First Date, Liberals Might Get Sued


A new conservative dating network set to launch later this month is echoing the bold and politically incorrect persona of the man its users are united in supporting, President Donald Trump. Designed for those who have found themselves rejected by other dating sites for their pro-Trump views, the creators of “Righter” have made clear that it’s a “zero tolerance” zone when it comes to liberals. In fact, Trump critics who try to use the site might end up having to deal with Righter’s legal team.

The Daily Beast’s Will Sommer provides a rather entertaining introduction to the new dating site that takes some clear shots at the unapologetically exclusive app but also highlights its appeal to those sick of the way pro-Trumpers are treated on other platforms.

Righter is an answer to the exclusion of other popular platforms and makes no bones about its own exclusivity. Sommer notes that any Trump critics who try to infiltrate the pro-Trumper site may end up getting sued.

Along with its overtly, and potentially legally enforced “zero tolerance” nature, the new network contains some other notable rules, Sommer notes: Men must pay for the first date; photoshopped images making you look better than you actually do are forbidden; military get free access; men initiate the contact; and no illegal immigrants, or at least that’s what one Instagram post suggests:- READ MORE

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