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Rick Perry’s vision of hot tub-sized nuclear power plants isn’t so far-fetched


Energy Secretary Rick Perry has a vision for developing fully mobile, hot tub-sized nuclear power plants that could become the latest piece in the Energy Department‘s innovation and grid resiliency push.

Perry brought up the idea while addressing a National Clean Energy Week conference late last month. He used it as an example of what the Trump administration means when it talks about energy “innovation” as part of its energy dominance agenda.

Perry called them “small modular reactors.” But the version of the technology he described would function more like a nuclear battery than a conventional, water-cooled nuclear power plant.

He envisioned them being used for hurricane relief in Puerto Rico. The nuclear batteries would be piled into the cargo hold of a C-130 military transport plane, the kind Perry used to fly in the Air Force, and flown to the disaster zone to re-energize the island’s wiped-out grid, he explained. – READ MORE

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