Resistance TV: Wallace, Panel Blast ‘Cowardly’ Dems Not Impeaching Trump, Bash Voters


Put it simply, MSNBC’s Deadline: White House has become peak Resistance TV and a refuge spot for anti-Trump Republicans and readers of Resistance fan fiction. With help from her panel, host and former liberal Republican Nicolle Wallace bashed Democrats on Thursday as “cowardly” for not impeaching the “lawless”President Trump and taking a swipe at voters opposing impeachment.

Wallace teed up an interview with Congresswoman Katherine Clark (D-MA) with this:

After the break, Nancy Pelosi dangles the i-word today as a way to combat the complete blockade of information, testimony, and document production from the Trump White House. But are Democrats really ready to ask? We’ll ask a member of house leadership who joins us to detail the plan to fight White House stonewalling and a lawless President.

Unfortunately for Wallace, Clark refused to commit to trying to indict the President in what would be step one in removing him from office. In the following segment, Wallace admitted that she and MSNBC contributor Eddie Glaude “were fuming in the break” at the rest of the Democratic caucus not making their dreams become reality. 

Wallace complained that if Democrats think “that crimes were committed and that Mueller unearthed them…I don’t understand why the fact that impeachment is polarizing is some sort — it makes them just as cowardly as the Republicans.” READ MORE

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