Republicans using MAGA rallies to build Trump army for 2020


President Trump stumped for GOP congressional candidates at a breakneck pace in the closing weeks of the midterms, crisscrossing the country to energize voters at his trademark ‘MAGA’ rallies.

But aside from lending a hand to Republicans in tight Senate races, those raucous rallies have served another purpose. Beneath the roar of the crowd and boisterous chants of “Build that wall,” a sophisticated operation by the Trump campaign and Republican National Committee was quietly building a voter database yet unseen on the political stage – one that will boost the party going into 2020.

“Their voter database is literally one of the most valuable databases in the world,” Republican strategist Alex Conant said.

The two organizations have a data-sharing agreement that allows them to communicate on everything from how to engage voters to where a rally could be held in any given state.

And those MAGA rallies have served as fertile ground for sign-up efforts.

The RNC said a huge asset of the rallies is they attract a mix of voters: some who are politically active and others who may not have voted in decades. These so-called “low propensity voters” — defined by the RNC as those who have not participated in four of the last four elections — have been added to internal databases at rally after rally. – READ MORE

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