Republicans Split Over Trump Possibly Declaring National Emergency for Wall: ‘Not Sure How Productive It Would Be’


Senate Republicans are divided over the prospects of the president declaring a national emergency from the Oval Office on Tuesday night, with some arguing the move would wind up being counterproductive.

The president has been threatening to use emergency powers to build a wall on the southern border amid a government shutdown, and with a major prime-time address looming, speculation is building that he could make the announcement Tuesday night.

However, Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) isn’t sold on Trump’s potential plan to declare a state of emergency to secure border funding, saying it could end up hurting his efforts.

“I think he’ll end up in a lawsuit, so I’m not sure how productive it would be,” Cornyn told IJR in an interview when asked about the president possibly unilaterally obtaining funding for a border wall.

“It will precipitate a lawsuit. So that means rather than solving the problem in days, we are looking at months or years before the issue is resolved,” the former Senate majority whip said. “There’s a hard way, and there’s an easy way to things. I think that would definitely be the hard way.” – READ MORE

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