Republicans Send Letter To Barr Demanding ‘Decisive Action’ To Protect Americans From ‘Mob Rule’


Twelve Republican lawmakers wrote a letter to Attorney General William Barr late last week demanding that the Department of Justice take “decisive action” to protect American’s rights from “mob rule.”

The letter came in response to the recent incident in St. Louis when two homeowners, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, stood armed outside their home to defend it from a large group of demonstrators who had entered their private neighborhood. Authorities later returned to the home and confiscated Mark McCloskey’s rifle. McCloskey told Fox News on Monday night that he expects that he and his wife will soon be indicted by the circuit attorney, Democrat Kimberly Gardner.

“This past week Mark and Patricia McCloskey in St. Louis, Missouri, took up arms in their own defense when violent protesters broke the gate to their private neighborhood and made threats of violence towards them,” the letter stated (full text below). “In spite of this egregious behavior by the protestors, the recently elected Circuit Attorney, Democrat Kim Gardner, stated publicly that their department is pursuing charges against the couple, calling the lawful protection of their homestead ‘a violent assault.’”

“At this crucial time in history, our nation needs the Department of Justice to exert strong leadership to ensure that none of our constitutional protections are eroded by mob rule,” the letter continued. “Charges against this couple will have a chilling effect on the entire nation, sending the message that American citizens no longer have the right to protect themselves at their own homes. Therefore, we urgently request the Department of Justice to take decisive action to protect our communities, uphold the rule of law, defend the Second Amendment, and insure the civil rights of Americans under attack.” – READ MORE

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