Reporter who says Cuomo intimidated, bullied her broke down when others came forward: ‘I just started crying’


Lindsay Nielsen was a local investigative journalist in New York who says she was intimidated, bullied and personally attacked by Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration but is hopeful that her story will stop the Democratic governor from using the same tactics on anyone else.

Nielsen, a former News10 investigative reporter, told Fox News she broke down in tears while waiting for her morning Starbucks order last week when she read similar claims by journalist Morgan Pehme, who recently detailed threats he received from a Cuomo aide.

“I just started crying,” Nielsen told Fox News on Monday morning. “I was sitting in my car and was like bawling my eyes out. I was just overwhelmed because I had very similar experiences and it all just kind of came flooding back to me.”

“I don’t want this behavior to happen to any other reporter,” Nielsen said. “That gave me the courage to have the confidence. I knew it was wrong, back then, the behavior, but when you’re in those types of situation you often don’t really realize the impact until later on.”

Pehme’s comments encouraged Nielsen to come forward, which she did with a statement on Sunday.

“‘You have a vendetta against him don’t you!’ That was the last time I allowed someone connected to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s administration to harass and manipulate me,” Nielsen wrote in a statement. “It was during one of the many accusatory and threatening phone calls I received by his staff members that I realized this behavior was never going to stop. It was shortly thereafter that I decided to leave my job at News10.” – READ MORE

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