Reporter offered massage at Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion suspected intelligence ‘honey trap’


A journalist who was offered a massage at Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion suspected the billionaire financier was running a “honey trap” blackmail scheme on behalf of intelligence agencies.

Eric Margolis, an award-winning foreign correspondent and former contributing editor to the Toronto Sun, recalled attending a party at Epstein’s New York mansion in the late 1990s.

“The oddest thing for me, soon after we had arrived one of his people came up to me and said, ‘Would you like a massage?’” Margolis told Sky News on Sunday night.

“I was extremely taken aback by this, this was highly unusual and certainly not what you do in the early evening in Manhattan. It made me, as an old Moscow journalist, it immediately put up my antenna and the world ‘honey trap’ came into my mind.”

A honey trap involves young women luring powerful men into compromising situations and secretly recording them for the purposes of blackmail. “All the major intelligence services use this technique,” Margolis said.

“The Americans have used it extensively, the Russians were notorious for doing it, in Moscow they had these special ladies whose names were ‘Swallows’ after birds, that were good at enticing people. They even came and tried to entice me. I said, ‘Sure, take photos, give me copies for my friends.’” – READ MORE

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