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Report: UK Considering Regulating Google, Facebook Like News Organizations


British Prime Minister Theresa May is reportedly considering regulating Facebook and Google the same way as news organizations.

According to Axios, the Prime Minister announced on Tuesday “that her cabinet is considering regulating Google and Facebook as news organizations, rather than being treated like pure tech companies,” which would make them responsible for illegal content on their platforms.

“While May and her Cabinet rush to stop fake news and terrorism from spreading — threatening steep fines — in the United States, Congress has yet to hold its first hearing with the companies. Silicon Valley has also responded more slowly stateside than in Europe,” Axios reports. “Regulating a company like Google or Facebook like a news company instead of a tech company means that they would be responsible for the content that appears on their sites — so if there is anything that the British government deems illegal, like terrorist content, pornography, or perhaps one day fake news — these big companies could be fined.” – READ MORE

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