Report: Trump ends Obama’s ‘war’ on religious liberty, helping millions


One year after President Trump ordered a halt on former President Obama’s “war” on religious liberty, several Cabinet agencies have made significant changes opening the door for religious groups provide health, social service and educational benefits to nearly 14 million.

Under Obama-era rules many of the help groups were sidelined because their religious views clashed with liberal policies such as abortion, but Trump’s May 4 executive order to carve out a loophole for them has greatly expanded the benefits they provide.

According to a new report from the Family Research Council, Trump’s promotion of “religious liberty” has enabled charities and other groups to provide health care and social services to some 13.7 million people.

And, FRC added, the order helped at least 44 schools with 148,000 students to continue operating.

““Thanks to President Trump, over the last year we have witnessed nothing less than a revival of legal protections for religious freedom in America,” said FRC President Tony Perkins. – READ MORE

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