Report: Ralph ‘Coonman’ Northam Counting On Media to Save Him


Embattled Governor Ralph Northam (D-va) Is Counting On The Establishment Media To Save Him From Having To Resign, Reports The National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar.

“Talked to a plugged-in Virginia Dem that’s skeptical Northam will resign — after watching Northam’s stubbornness today,” Kraushaar tweeted Saturday. “Says that from Northam’s POV, he’s already hit rock bottom. And noted that scandals have such a short shelf life in today’s politics/culture.”

In a follow up tweet, Kraushaar quoted a Democrat operative who is also counting on the media losing interested in the story: “I suspect this is out of the national news… by the middle of next week.”

That is a pretty safe bet, actually.

At this point, the establishment media have two choices: They can keep the story alive in the hopes of forcing a resignation, but in doing so the ongoing damage to the Democrat Party as a whole will continue and there is no guarantee Northam will resign. Or the media can save the Democrat Party from further damage by moving on as quickly as possible to another scandal — say, a bombshell about Trump increasing his ice cream order from two to three scoops.READ MORE

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