Report: Plasma Therapy Showing ‘Excellent’ Results Against Coronavirus


According to Columbia University Center for Infection and Immunity’s Dr. W. Ian Lipkin, dubbed the “Virus Hunter,” plasma therapy has been working very well against novel coronavirus, and is expected to be available to the public in four weeks.

A paper set to come out soon in “a very prominent medical journal,” shows “ten out of ten patients treated with plasma from patients who’ve recovered from COVID-19 had excellent results,” Dr. Lipkin told Fox Business host Melisa Francis on Thursday.

“This is the first news, not the last, by any means, that suggests that there may be a therapy that’s very useful” to fight against the virus, the doctor added.

Dr. Lipkin told Francis that “we could have treatments in four weeks that could begin to save lives.”

“We’re gonna have to get approval through the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and we’re gonna have to get approval of institutional review boards associated with our individual institutions” before such treatments hit the public, the doctor said, adding that he’s “confident” that it will get done. – READ MORE

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