REPORT: ‘Non-citizens’ make $9,000 more than black Americans


The massive migration of illegal immigrants into the United States is overwhelming border agents and relief agencies, but U.S. Census Bureau data show it’s black Americans who are paying the biggest price.

Census report published last fall shows the median income for “Non Citizens” eclipses black Americans by more than $9,000, and Hispanics in general earned nearly $10,000 a year more than blacks in 2017, RedStatereports.

The Census data show the median black income came to $40,258 in 2017, while the same figure for “Not a citizen” totaled $49,739. The median income for Hispanics of any race was $50,486.

Liberals including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi want to frame the crisis from the more than 1 million illegal immigrants this year as a race issue, alleging Trump’s push for border security is part of a plan to “make America white again.”

But the Los Angeles Times noted last year the allegations of racist intentions “ignore the reality that the group most likely to benefit from a tougher approach to immigration enforcement is young black men, who often compete with recent immigrants for low-skilled jobs.” – READ MORE

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