REPORT: NFL Interest In Rehiring Colin Kaepernick Was ‘Fake’


When the Black Lives Matter protests gained steam in early summer, rumors swirled that the NFL would seek to sign former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick as an apology for not initially supporting his kneeling protest against police brutality. According to a recent report from Pro Football Talk, however, no NFL teams showed any interest in the prospect.

Citing a source, the report said that any speculation about Kaepernick heroically returning to the NFL as a revived social justice warrior was entirely “fake.”

“Per a source with knowledge of the situation, there was some ‘fake’ interest expressed immediately after Floyd’s death, seemingly out of guilt. There has been zero interest expressed as to Kaepernick ‘in months,’” reported the outlet.

“At one point along the way, NFL Media reported that teams had contacted ‘friends and associates’ of Kaepernick and that they would be contacting his agent when they ‘get to the point where they’re confident enough that they think they can work out a contract,’” the report continued. – READ MORE

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