REPORT: James Bond’s Wife Will Refuse To Take His Name, Phrase ‘Bond Girl’ Banned From Set


According to leaks reported by The Daily Mail, the upcoming James Bond sequel “No Time to Die” will be the secret agent’s wokest outing yet. Among other things, Bond will have a wife who refuses to take his surname.

“The script has Bond marrying Dr Madeleine Swann — the psychologist played by French actress Lea Seydoux who first appeared in 2015’s ‘Spectre.’ But she refuses to take her new husband’s name,” the Mail reported. “The morning after their wedding, Bond wakes sleepy-eyed and says ‘Good morning, Mrs. Bond,’ to which she replies: ‘Don’t you mean Ms. Swann?’”

On top of that, a source close to production told the outlet that the phrase “Bond Girl” was banned from the set while filming.

“The phrase ‘Bond girl’ was outlawed from the set,” the source said. “The women in this film are all strong, brave and fiercely independent. These women are not helpless girls who jump into bed with Bond — their reactions are very different from what people might think. Bond tries his usual seduction techniques but they fail miserably. It’s very funny.” – READ MORE

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