REPORT: Iranian regime converts elementary schools into ‘detention and torture centers’


Iran is transforming schools into prisons for thousands of protestors arrested by security forces in a weeks long uprising in dozens of cities across the country.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran released video over the weekend exposing the regime’s “campaign of reprisals and lawless detentions throughout the country in response to the widespread uprising that began on November 15.”

The NCRI contends the regime has rounded up more than 10,000 in the protests, which sparked from a drastic government gas hike of about 300 percent – an increase leaders blamed on crippling U.S. sanctions.

“The extent of the unlawful detentions is so large that the security forces have turned grade schools in many towns and cities into detention and torture centers, which is a clear violation of international conventions,” the NCRI reports. “Video footage of security forces transporting handcuffed and blindfolded protesters into and out of the Quds elementary girls school in Tehran has circulated on the internet.” – READ MORE

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