Report: Feinstein Failed To Disclose Husband’s $100k Facebook Stock Before Zuckerberg Hearing


When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before Congress in April, at least one Democratic senator grilling him had a spouse with more than $100,000 invested in Zuckerberg’s company, according to a new report.

The San Jose Mercury News reported that California Sen. Dianne Feinstein failed to disclose hearing.

The report said that investment banker Richard Blum, Feinstein’s husband, owns Facebook stock in the range of $100,000 to $250,000 worth of Facebook stock. The disclosure was first made public in May, a month after Zuckerberg’s appearance.

Tom Mentzer, Feinstein’s communications director, downplayed the significance of the new report. – READ MORE

In a stunning rebuke, the California Democratic Party declined to endorse Sen. Dianne Feinstein in her re-election bid and instead backed her progressive challenger on the November ballot, state Sen. Kevin de León.

De León, a fellow Democrat, received 65 percent of the vote of about 330 members of the state party’s executive board in Oakland on Saturday— more than the 60 percent needed to secure the endorsement, The Los Angeles Times reported. Feinstein received 7 percent of the vote, while 28 percent voted for “no endorsement,” as she had requested in the name of “party unity.”

Feinstein, 85, finished first in the state’s June primary, with the 51-year-old de León emerging as her general election challenger under California’s “top two” nominating system. Neither candidate had received the necessary 60 percent of support in a gathering of the state Democratic Party before June’s vote.

Feinstein, first elected to her Senate seat in 1992, remains favored to cruise to victory over her relatively unknown opponent, despite the latest rebuff from state party activists. She holds an overwhelming fundraising advantage and has led in the polls by some 30 percentage points. – READ MORE

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