UPDATED — REPORT: SHOCKING FBI LOVE TRIANGLE — FBI Director McCabe Had Affair With Top FBI Lawyer Lisa Page, Who Also Had Affair With FBI Boss Strzok (Video)


UPDATED: 10.31.19

One America News Network is reporting that Andrew McCabe had an affair with his subordinate Lisa Page who was also reportedly having an affair with Peter Strzok.

The alleged FBI love trio set out to destroy President Trump and Gen. Mike Flynn, according to the Sunday report on OAN.

All three FBI bosses have been either fired from the FBI or removed and are targets of a newly-minted criminal probe targeting the FBI’s role in concocting the Russia collusion hoax.

But Page’s attorney, Amy Jeffress is calling the OAN report false and threatened to sue True Pundit for reporting it. Page never had an affair with McCabe, according to a letter from Jeffress to True Pundit.

OAN had reported:

“Lisa Page carried on an affair with both deputy director (Andrew) McCabe and Strzok,” OAN reported. “And as lovers-three their text messages paint a now-infamous portrait of elitist intervention and collusion to derail a U.S. Presidential candidate.”

McCabe was the boss of both Page and Strzok.

The new revelations, if true, take this unfolding saga to an entirely new level of bizarre.

OAN had removed its own video of the broadcast from its YouTube channel late Sunday night.

But OAN said it stands by its reporting and continues to work on the story.

In a letter to True Pundit, Jeffress said Page is not a target of the federal criminal probe of the FBI, despite mounting information indicating otherwise. Jeffress said Page was not removed from the FBI but resigned to take a new job.

Jeffress demanded True Pundit retract the story — which merely detailed the report from OAN — or face legal action from Page.

However, OAN reporter Chanel Rion told True Pundit that OAN had not been contacted by Jeffress. Rion said her reporting was true and that Page has not threatened legal action against the source of the report, OAN.

Jeffress did not return a call to her office.

Jeffress did not dispute reporting that her client and Strzok had an affair.

Jeffress may want to contact OAN instead of targeting True Pundit.

“If Lisa Page wants to sue, we are all for it because I’d love to see her personal phone records, texts, photos and emails as part of discovery,” said Thomas Paine of True Pundit. “I hear they are a doozy. Even the DOJ wants to keep them under wraps. Forever.”

The country would like to see those as well. We’re sure these correspondences make what has been released so far look like a church picnic.

This story is developing.

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