Report: Antifa Made up of ‘Privileged White Dudes’


Antifa bullies cover their faces partly to conceal the mostly white constituency of the organization, which has its roots in the far left of the English punk scene in the 1980s, a new report asserts.

“But when members of Antifa are arrested, the masks come off. And, as recent mugshots of Portland Antifa members show, these people are about as diverse as the Washington Generals,” writes David Marcus in a July 1 article in the Federalist.

While the mainstream media tend to treat Antifa as an ethnically diverse group of warriors against fascism and racism, this is an “absolute fabrication,” Marcus notes.

“Anyone with even a passing knowledge of Antifa has seen videos of their violent antics and can see for himself or herself that almost all of them are white dudes. Anyone who has ever been in their presence knows this too,” he said.

The media’s intentional omission of the race factor in the case of Antifa “betrays a double standard that many in our media use regarding violent white activists,” Marcus affirms. “On the right, their whiteness is front and center; part of the toxic brew that stews their hate.” – READ MORE

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