Rep. Maxine Waters defends call to put Trump in ‘solitary confinement’: I am a ‘responsible’ and ‘serious’ person (VIDEO)


Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif, insisted Wednesday that she is a “responsible” and “serious” person, one day after tweeting that President Trump should be “imprisoned” and placed in “solitary confinement.”

On Tuesday, Waters condemned Trump’s so-called “filthy talk” about the intelligence community whistleblower who raised the alarm about the president’s July 25 phone call with the president of Ukraine and suggested that impeachment isn’t “good enough.”

Appearing on CNN Wednesday evening, Waters was asked if her tweet “hurts her cause.” Instead of answering the question, Waters took another shot at Trump.

“Well I think that most people who have watched me over the past two years know that I am a responsible person who has talked about the Constitution, who has talked about the fact that this president does not respect the fact that Putin is responsible for basically bugging our electoral system, hacking into the DNC,” Waters told Cooper. “They know that I have been serious about this. I’ve had the courage to stand up when nobody else was standing with me. So people know that I am responsible and that I’m serious.” – READ MORE

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