Rep. Jim Jordan says Democrats are plotting a ‘coordinated effort’ to take down Trump


Rep. Jim Jordan on Wednesday accused his Democratic colleagues in the House of plotting a “coordinated effort to take down the president” and believes they are already working in concert behind the scenes to impeach Donald Trump.

“I don’t think the Democrats can help themselves,” he said on “America’s Newsroom.”“Remember, after all on the very first day of Congress they introduced articles of impeachment… I think they’ve been determined to get here and I think they’ve already started. They just haven’t formally stated that’s what they’re up to.”

Jordan, R-Ohio, told Fox News there’s little, if anything, the Republicans can do to appease Democrats and hold off an avalanche of inquiries targeting Trump.

“They’re ridiculous,” Jordan said, referencing requests by the Ways & Means Committee, the Oversight Committee and the Financial Services Committee demanding Trump’s tax, business and banking  records. – READ MORE

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