Rep.-Elect Crenshaw: Dems’ Wall Opposition All About ‘Destroying’ Trump Campaign Promise


Rep.-elect Dan Crenshaw said Democrats are playing politics by opposing President Trump’s long-promised border wall, and it’s at the expense of U.S. national security.

Democrats and Republicans are dug in over the border funding battle, which has led to a partial government shutdown that has now stretched on for 12 days.

Crenshaw (R-Texas), a wounded Navy SEAL veteran who went viral in November for his appearance alongside Pete Davidson on “Saturday Night Live,” said walls are an effective, crucial part of border security.

He noted that many Democratic lawmakers have attacked the wall as “too expensive” or “medieval,” but he argued their real intention is to deny Trump a victory on one of his core campaign promises.

“I think what they really want to do is score points against the president. He made a campaign promise, and they want to score points against him by destroying that campaign promise,” Crenshaw said. “But it’s at the expense of our security.”. – READ MORE


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