Remains of 34 Christians Slaughtered by Islamic State Found in Mass Grave in Libya


Libyan Authorities Have Announced The Discovery Of A Mass Grave Containing The Remains Of 34 Ethiopian Christians Killed In 2015 By Jihadists Of The Islamic State.

The Department of Criminal Investigation of the Ministry of the Interior said this week that the mass grave was found not far from the coastal town of Sirte, in an area that in 2015 was under the control of the armed jihadist group.

In April 2015, the Islamic State released a video showing jihadists beheading 15 men on the beaches of Libya’s Barka Province and another 15 men in the desert in the southern Fazzan province.

The terrorist group claimed the men were “worshippers of the cross belonging to the hostile Ethiopian Church.”

Most of the 30-minute video was a denunciation of Christianity, principally the Catholic Church. It showcased militants destroying Christian churches, altars, and art. Near the end of the video, militants are shown marching the victims to their death. The speaker, dressed in black, vows to kill any Christian who does not convert to Islam. – READ MORE

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