Religion of Peace: ISIS teen who killed priest convinced judge to let him out of jail


Months before he brutally murdered a beloved Catholic priest in France, a teen terrorist persuaded a judge to set him free from jail, claiming he was not an extremist and wanted to turn his life around.

“‘I am a Muslim –  grounded in the values of mercy and goodness … I am not an extremist,” Adel Kermiche said after serving a French prison stint for trying to join ISIS in Syria.

Kermiche, 19, released in March, was convincing enough that authorities allowed his release, provided he wear an electronic surveillance bracelet on his ankle –which he had on Tuesday when he slit the throat of Rev. Jacques Hamel.

In February, he lamented that he had been hospitalized for acute depression and “other mental problems,” but had aspirations of being a mental-health nurse.

“I want to get my life back, to see my friends, to get married,” he told a psychological review, according to a report leaked to the Le Mond newspaper.

The judge said the teen was “aware of his mistakes” despite his “suicidal thoughts,” and was therefore a good candidate to be reintegrated back into society, the Daily Star reported.

The prosecutor strongly disagreed, saying: “Even if he is asking for a second chance, there’s a very strong chance he will do the same thing if he is released.” – READ MORE

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